2015 was about Learning…

When I got the email from WordPress containing the overview of 2015 for this blog, I was so humbled and grateful.

This blog that God has given me the privilege of watching over was viewed in 72 countries this past year. I think that’s absolutely amazing! I had the most uninspiring year as it relates to writing and God still managed to take this blog all over the world.

When I had nothing to say, God spoke.

I want to thank all of you for coming back time after time. I want thank you for the privilege of praying for those that requested prayer. I want to thank you for sharing the blog and leaving your sweet and encouraging comments. You all are THEE BEST! XOXO

2016 will be an exceedingly EPIC year not only for myself and iWaited but it will be exceedingly EPIC for all of you Waiters as well. Sit back and watch (let) God work! Jesus is amazing! *Cue Ezekiel*

Love y’all! *smooches*